Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD
Author: Brett Ayers

The CBD Debate: Isolate vs. Full Spectrum?

When it comes to pain relief, which is more effective: Isolate CBD or Full Spectrum CBD?

The Answer: Full Spectrum CBD.

Here’s why:

CBD Sticks Together

CBD is a member of the cannabinoid family, a group of roughly 100 plant compounds. Science has evolved to pinpoint CBD in its natural environment and isolate it for better study. And while this has done wonders for our understanding of the complex compound, we’ve also learned that like a wolf separated from its pack, when you remove CBD from its cannabinoid family, it’s simply not as effective.

Full Spectrum = Full Power

Don’t be fooled by dosage. Many Full Spectrum CBD and Isolate CBD products contain the same CBD dosage, so consumers think they have the same strength. This is misleading. To truly unlock the power of CBD, it needs its family of complementary cannabinoids and terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic chemicals found in plants like cinnamon and ginger. And cannabinoids are other plant compounds found in cannabis. 

Think of CBD pain relief like a football team. For it to be at its best, you need offence, defence, and special teams working together every step of the way. A quarterback with a cannon of an arm is nothing without a strong offensive line to buy him time to get his throw off and gifted receivers to catch the ball. And all of that is completely worthless if defence can’t stop a touchdown and special teams keeps whiffing on their kicks.

Similarly, a high-quality strain of CBD is near useless without its complementary terpenes and cannabinoids. It needs its family to deliver a strong performance of effective pain relief.

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